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Every month Same Same throws the biggest warm up parties in Koh Phangan in the week leading up to the Full Moon Party. Same Same attracts backpackers from all over the world and the place fills up with young party people every night up to the full moon. Different buffets and theme parties such as Beer Pong Competition, Body Paint Contest, Quiz Nights, Drinking Games etc. make the crowds come back for more.
The Full Moon Nights is legendary in Same Same with International Buffet, Free Body paint, Live concert with the famous Rock Band Black Rose. You'll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of backpackers in neon full moon outfit, body painted dancing on the tables. This party is for most people the memorable part of the whole full moon night. Therefore our slogan; You haven’t been to Full Moon if you haven’t been to Same Same first.

At the end of the Year Same Same turns into an inferno of decorations, lights, parties and people gathering to celebrate Christmas and New Years abroad. All the details will be posted here in the end of November.

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This Coming Full Moon
Be sure you'll get one of our Proper Western dishes such as Mexican Food, Scandinavian Food or maybe an Italian Stone Oven Pizza before joining our Funny BeerPong Tournament.
Sign Up in the bar in teams of 2-3 people before 9 pm. 200 baht pr team to enter. FREE Beer when you play. Winning team gets FREE Buckets and T shirts!
Between the Beerpong rounds you can try our famous BeerBong - challenge your friends and see who is the fastest!
Great way to meet other travellers during the games and lots of Fun before a big night out ! - Get involved Party people:-)


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Koh Phangan Beer Pong Championships
You might want to start the night out with our Bangers and Mash, Burger Combo or Italian Stone Oven Pizza. Eat it with a Jug of Snakebite, Kopparberg Cider or one of our great Cocktails. 
9.00 pm we'll start our Killer Pool Tournament - Lets see who is the best Pool Player in Koh Phangan!It's 100 baht to enter pr person - go sign up in in the bar before 9.00pm! CASH PRIZE - Winner takes it ALL!
Each player will get 5 lifes at the start of the game. Players takes turns, where each get one shot to get the ball in, after you pass the cue to the next player!If you miss you have lost one life, if you get it in you are safe.
The player with most lifes left at the end of the game is the Winner and will get the cash prize in hand!!
Hope to See you for an awesome night in Same Same!
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Body Paint Contest - One Of Our Best Nights!!


Try one of our delicious Thai, Italian or Mexican dishes while you start painting for our super Fun BodyPaint Contest. There will be Free Paint on all tables from 7 pm. Go Wild, Crazy & Creative in our FREE BodyPaint! Paint your friends and yourself up and see if you will be one of the lucky winners! Win some F***ing FREE Buckets! 4 Winners will be announced at 11 p.m! 
BeerPong Tables, Pool Table, BeerBong is waiting for you aswell.
Perfect way to get ready for Jungle Experience! We sell tickets and organize Taxi to the party!

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The Calm Before The Storm!! Pig Out Before The Big Night


The absolut Biggest and Craziest Full Moon Warm up Party in town start 7 pm. Buy your Ticket and book your table in ADVANCE!
Ticket includes our Famous delicious International  Buffet – See the menu on the tables! ALL you can eat! +
FREE FULL MOON SHIRT & BODYPAINT ad libitum on all tables!
Dj Assi(DK) will spin the latest Party hits all Night! It will for sure make you sing-a-long and give you an unforgetable crazy, fun and super awesome night in Same Same!
DANCING ON THE TABLES IS A MUST! A perfect way to get your self ready for the Insane FULL MOON PARTY
Make SURE to be a part of all this for only 600 baht!BOOK NOW - It will be SOLD OUT!!
Dont miss this HotSpot for Awesome Party People - Get involved!!
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The Calm Before The Storm!! Pig Out Before The Big Night
Main Events Of The Year - More Info Coming Soon!
24th of December: Scandinavian Christmas Dinner & Party
25th of December: English Christmas Lunch & Full Moon Warm Up
31st of December: Same Same Galla Dinner & Count Down Party
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Full Moon Challenge .. are you game enough??
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Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane? not its our very own Superman!!
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Same Same Nativity Scene
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Christmas Spirit at Same Same
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Big Prize Winners!!
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Yes Santa Comes To Same Same!! For a Bucket!!
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Original Full Moon Designs
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Our Staff at Christmas
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Body Paint Comp Winners
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The Management!!